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"It has been life changing – I have so enjoyed feeling really 'at home' somewhere – Reiki is a true gift I will carry with me forever, and use to help others.  Thank you."   (Sonya)


"Anna is always a compassionate, insightful and wise teacher.  For me, the most positive experience was seeing all of us blossoming – myself particularly!  Thank you so much, I have thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of the beginning of the rest of my life."   (Jenny)


"The course exceeded my expectations.  It is very thorough, and provided lots of interesting references, research and information."   (Sarah)


"I liked working as a group and supporting each other, and using the knowledge we had and giving feedback about our experiences.  I was surprised how I did remember things, and how relaxed the whole course is, which helped me a lot.  Thank you, Anna – you always open me to more experiences, and finding ME."   (Kerry)


"The course was excellent!  I have really enjoyed my experience, especially meeting with likeminded people, and I am looking forward to continuing my journey with Reiki."   (Michelle)


"This is a far better way to learn Reiki than doing a weekend course."   (Jody)


"Thank you so much for the tremendous effort you put into your courses – it has been very rewarding as well as enjoyable.  You have a lovely way that embraces and holds everyone, you give all your students much nurturing and love.  It has been a great help to me in shifting blockages."   (Sheila)

Course Feedback

Reiki is the art of inviting happiness into your life


"I have a greater sense of calm in my life.  I feel I am much more grounded and focussed in all areas of my life, and a lot of emotional healing has taken place.  I have greater self esteem and self worth, and am much less stressed."   (Denise)


"I feel it has helped me on quite a deep level (but subtly at the same time).  I felt ready for the course, and in need of doing some clearing.  It has helped me to love and accept myself more.  I am now more accepting of myself, less anxious and more relaxed.  I feel that I can speak out for myself more clearly."   (Louise)


"The main benefit has been meeting other people who are interested in changing their lives in a positive way.  I feel I am on a journey to something wonderful and fulfilling.  I feel more positive, and happier in myself."   (Kath)


"It has allowed me to become stronger and become my own person.  I feel more centred and calm - clearing was difficult, but aided self development."   (Eileen)


"A fantastic experience with a really great group of fellow students, and a brilliant and very patient tutor.  It was so rewarding in health - mental, physical and emotional."   (Marie)


"The main benefits have been getting in touch with healing spirit, healing myself and allowing myself to take time out.  I have found ways through my confusion, and am more open."  (Michelle)


"I have a greater self awareness, and willingness to let down barriers.  In some ways I am more confident, and willing to take risks.  Learning Reiki has had a profound effect!"   (Jan)


"It’s been an enlightening year for me, and I know there’s more to come!  Thank you for helping open my eyes to life, and helping me regain the person that I’d lost for a while."   (Sonya)


"I liked sharing and working closely with a group, this has been really great. Thank you so much for being such a fantastic Reiki teacher."   (Sara)


"Thank you so much for two wonderful courses.  I’ve learnt more about myself, and I feel calmer and more confident in myself.  I have really benefited from the group and your help this year and learning Reiki, so thank you again."   (Lynsey)


"A lovely group and teacher, and a special sort of learning for mind, body and soul.  This course has been really important to me."   (Elodie)


"Thank you so much for your loving enthusiasm throughout the course and in particular, Anna, for your heartfelt, wise and comprehensive approach to Reiki training.  I am so pleased that I had the opportunity to join the group this term. It was a total privilege to spend such precious and nurturing time together - and right in the heart of our community too."   (Abbie)


"It’s been an amazing journey (and continues to be), thank you for showing me the way and setting me on the path.  You’ve changed my life!"   (Lucille)


"Thank you for your kindness, wisdom and love of healing, and guiding us so we can heal ourselves and others.  I’ve really enjoyed the course.  May we all be able to offer healing to everyone who needs it."   (Mandy)


"Thank you so much for all your love and energy."   (Lynn)

"I could feel the love in your hands - thank you."   (Ali)


"I have done Reiki with a few different teachers, and I would highly recommend Anna above anyone else.  She has a very deep knowledge of Reiki that no other teacher has come close to."   (Eddie)


"You have given me a wonderful gift in teaching me, I am able to get in touch with my body in a way I have never been able before.  I use Reiki every day, especially before seeing my counselling clients, as a way to cleanse the space and my mind to enable me to receive them.  This has been invaluable and given so much more confidence, and allowed me to trust myself.  Thank you for coming into my life, you were just what I needed at just the right time."   (Hayley)


"I really enjoyed my course, it gives you time to pause, reflect and move off again."   (Valerie)


"Thank you for helping me along the path that has a heart, for I have found myself on this journey and reached a time in my life where I am truly happy."   (Christine)


"You’ve opened a door and left the garden gate open for me - time to travel!"   (Ian)


"Thank you for everything you taught me, what a precious gift.  You have opened my mind and my heart to the beauty of Reiki."  (Gaelle)


"I have absolutely LOVED doing Reiki and enjoyed every lesson.  Thank you - I will miss it and you!"   (Rachael)


"Clearing is tough but having a teacher like Anna, to feel so supported by and understood, it is easy to trust in her and to look forward with a new view.  I am stronger, and confident I can handle all that comes my way using Reiki."   (Juliette)


"I met some great people and Anna, whose heart and soul is in teaching.  It has helped my self-esteem.  I'm so glad I came - I'd do it all over again."   (Sue)


"The course has helped me to consider my needs more, to think more about myself and time for me.  I would recommend it wholeheartedly."   (Esther)


"I've looked into myself at a deeper level, and become more aware of where I am at in my life."   (Julie)


"I'm more aware of my inner journey, the connection between my mind and body, of my limits, my fears, my direction in life and loving & caring for myself.  It is a mind blowing experience."   (Vanessa)


"The course has been transforming, and made me better able to live.  It feels as though I have shed a skin, and the 'old-new' me breathes again.  Reiki has given me for the first time a complete, basic, understandable, important set of principles to live my life by."   (Kaie)


"The Reiki course has made me more aware of myself.  It has helped me transform anger & worry into positive feelings, and use them in positive ways."   (Armeet)


"A BIG THANK YOU for teaching me such a beautiful skill.  I practised Reiki on Dad a lot this week, in particular to help with pain, and I think it was a real comfort to him."   (Emma)


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