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Totterdown, BS3  (Bedminster, Windmill Hill, Knowle & Totterdown)

St Paul's Learning Centre, BS2

Reiki Courses

Reiki is the art of inviting happiness into your life


LEARN REIKI has taught people from many backgrounds and walks of life, including people with various medical conditions. Our classes are accessible and open to everyone.


Learning natural self-healing with Reiki will enhance any program of healing and self-care.  It can help heal many chronic conditions.  The right time to learn Reiki is when you feel able to focus on your own wellbeing.


If you have any questions or concerns about learning Reiki, please get in touch.


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Learn Reiki in a small, friendly class in a beautiful space:

Level:  Reiki 1   [30 hours]

Course: 12 weeks  -  2.5 hrs a week     

Class:  EVENING  

Start:  6 January 2021

Time: WEDNESDAY 6.15 - 8.45pm

Cost:  £195                       *Covid-safe classes

Reiki classes with LEARN REIKI BRISTOL begin in September, January and April each year all over Bristol.

Two students' experiences of recovering from M.E.

"I found Reiki just when I needed it.  I was a few months into a diagnosis of M.E./CFS when I started Anna's course. I wasn't able to work or socialise, but wanted to get out and do something manageable and that would promote my healing.  Reiki was perfect.  I attended a supportive group and learnt about Reiki.  Though Reiki can be powerful, and I was also struggling with weakness, I found Reiki to be a gentle and lovely experience.  I learnt a lot at the group: relaxation, energising and grounding techniques and the principles and practice of Reiki.  It was a wonderful support in regaining my strength and well-being.  I started to return to work during the course, and used Reiki and other techniques we learnt to help with my confidence around energy building and to continue my self-healing.  Anna is a friendly, caring and gentle woman, who has a passion for people.  The classes were supportive and the Reiki helped bring a sense of peace.  I still use Reiki on myself today.  I went through a journey to recovery and now work full-time, have a partner, have been on holiday abroad and socialise (those with M.E. will know these sometimes seem impossible).  Reiki was an important part of that recovery journey." 

"Learning Reiki with Anna was a life changing experience.  I remember initially telling Anna that I wasn't sure I'd be able to turn up to all the sessions due to M.E. symptoms - in under a year I was helping assist on one of her courses!  Reiki boosted my confidence, increased my intuition and continues to give me a stronger sense of love and connectivity to myself and the world.  On a physical level it improved my circulation, it is soothing and comforting and has helped me to access deeper powerful levels of healing relaxation.  I've found it to be a beautiful tool which opened up a whole realm of personal spirituality which continues to grow.  Anna is a very talented teacher - highly skilled and professional - her approach is thorough and caring, giving you an amazing grounding in an invaluable skill for life.  For me learning Reiki has and still is proving to be a unique and exciting journey." 



Edward:  A student with Down's Syndrome

"Anna is an amazing teacher who makes learning Reiki special.  She made me feel very welcome, and she has a lovely way about her.  I have special needs, and she saw me as the true person that I am.  I trust Anna a lot, she's very lovely to talk to and I learnt so much about Reiki and myself in her classes.  Reiki helps me with everyday life, it helps all the joints in my body to be flexible, and it helps me to release emotions.  Reiki boosted my confidence, and I love using it on myself and others."

Level:  Reiki 1   [30 hours]    

Course: 12 weeks  -  2.5 hrs a week  

Class:  EVENING    

Start:  Coming soon 2021




TREATMENTS 200x150 St Paul's Learning Centre Enrol Today (small)

Please contact us to book your place.  

Places must be booked in advance, but you can try the first class for FREE.

Contact us if severe financial hardship prevents you from doing the course.

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All courses include Reiki manual, certificate & course materials.  Continue to Reiki 2 next term.

Frenchay, BS16  (Stapleton, Stoke, Filton, Downend & Frenchay)

Level:  Reiki 1   [30 hours]    

Course: 12 weeks  -  2.5 hrs a week  

Class:  EVENING  

Start:  Coming soon 2021



The Hall, St Paul's Learning Centre